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2011 Fishing Reports - Pelagic Sportfishing - Atlantic Beach, NC

Jan 1 - 5, 2011   Anyone wanting to bluefin fish call or email.  I have special pricing for January.  Also, anyone wanting to go to guatemala for the billfishing experience of a life time, please call or email.  I have spots open for 1 to 6 people the months of February thru the end of March.

     Feb. 15 - March 21, 2011     I first would like to thank all that came this year.  A great time had by all.  Great home, company, and fishing.  The weather was perfect almost every trip.  A little wind the last 2 days, but fishable.  We had days raising 24, and other days just a few.  Lots of dolphin for most groups.  incredible bait balls and sailfish sworming around.  Whales and birds everywhere.  For almost 2 weeks seeing hundreds of finning sails and free jumpers.  We averaged catching about half to 3/4's  that was raised for the most part.  Marlin dodged us, but we did see schools of hundreds of 10 to 15 lb dorado skipping and swimming as fast as possible to get out of harms way a few  times. marlin??? Caught first wahoo there after many years.  Tasty.  Please send your best picture or two so I can use accordingly.  Thanks again.  Look forward to next year.  Cheers, CM

     April 4 - 10, 2011     Offshore fishing is spotty.  Some days the fleet has a 5 to 7 wahoo per day, plus some blackfin tuna and a few dolphin.  The 9th with Trampas Gray on the 61' the fishing was slow for the most part.  It was rough and we just could not find any pretty breaks to fish on til the end of the day.  We did have 3 nice wahoo strikes, but they did not stay glued.  Also, had a big fish that i believe was a yellowfin on for about 10 minutes and came off.  Then finally got a good mark and caught a handful of blackfin tuna.  Yum.  Got back to the mark and gigged and caught lots of AJ's.  Even had one 30 pounder that a shark made a 20 pounder really fast.  Dolphin fishing will continue to get better and better.  Wahoo's and blackfin should continue to be around too.

     April 11 - 17, 2011     A few boats fished this week around the storms and windy weather.  Wahoo's continue to bite, along with some big dolphin and blackfin.  May will be here soon and we will be able to keep some grouper!

     April 18 - 24, 2011     Fished a few offshore trips this week.  Fishing was a little slow, but did manage to catch a couple dolphin each day and had some blackfin tuna, and a great time jigging jacks.  Also, caught some tuna on the jig.

     April 25 - may 1, 2011     Fished monday.  Great day offshore.  Caught 15 blackfin tuna, plus a king, and jigged some AJ's.  Water warmed up from 72 to 77 degrees,  prettier water than previous days.   Saturday had 15 blackfin, 10 alberts,   handful of skipjacks, AJ, and 3 dolphin.  Constant action.  Water cooled back down, but the bite was good.

     May 2 - 8, 2001   Cobia fishing is going off.  Went with Capt George yesterday.  It is always good to learn from the best.  We saw about 35 cobia, caught 7, plus some big sharks and a few 20 - 40 black drum.  Fun sight casting to big fish.  Most cobia were 35 pounds, but did have one 82 pounder.  Wow!  A double gaffer to get in the boat.  First trip on the 31' for grouper was a great one.  Just a few  stops and we caught our grouper limit, with lots of big american red snapper, silver snapper, jigged all the chopper blues you could stand, a 400 lb sand tigger shark, lots of sand sharks, a dolphin, and plenty or big bass.  Came back in to the beach to cobia fish the second half of the day, but all the bait and fish where gone.  They will be back.  Great trip on Sat on the 61', caught dolphin steady all day.  22 dolphin.  Had a shark eat a dolphin after jumping 10 times in the air for it, and had a dolphin try to eat a hooked dolphin, then we pitched a bait and caught it too.

     May 9 - 15, 2011   Pretty good fishing all week.  Friday had lots of dolphin, along with blackfin tuna, bonito, and alberts.  Sat on a 3/4 day had dolphin, blackfin, alberts, bonita, and a sailfish.  Never knew there was an Atlantic Beach, SC, but I do now.  I am in Atlantic Beach, NC.

     May 16 - 22   Dolphin are moving into the shallow water.  The last few days just 21 to 23 fathoms for great mahi action.  Very few fish in the deep.  Fishing is heading into the prime in June.  Book a trip today.

   May 23 - 29.    Great fishing this week.  Lots of dolphin, nice gaffers towards the end of the week with a 300 lb blue marlin slapping at a lure and ran off.  Caught a white marlin in the Swansboro tournament, but it was right after the time.  A few big dolphin ate the lures.  Blackfin tuna still a round.  We caught many most days.  A few wahoo bites also. dolphin and marlin fishing will continue to heat up in June.

     May 30 - June 5.  About half the days we caught all the dolphin you wanted.  Other days worked hard to catch 10 plus.  Caught a few wahoo this week.  Missed a sail.  Had a great day on the bottom with Joe on the big grouper, jacks, and sea bass. Also, hook a 50 lb cobia that came up while jigging. Had a 300 lb Blue Marlin slap at the teaser, but did not like what it felt.  Good June fishing, but I am sure it will get better in the next weeks.  Had 31 dolphin and a wahoo Saturday with Mr. Bryant.

     June 6 - 12.   Beginning part of the week fishing was off the hook for dolphin on the 730 line in 18 - 20 fathoms.  Also, some wahoo and a few blue marlin on the break.  The ladies big rock fishing was slow to no.  We did have a 200 lb blue marlin slash at the lure popping it out of the clip; however, she could not swim away fast enough. Big rock next week.  Follow it on line.

     June 13 - 19, 2011.  Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament.  Caught 1 white marlin on day one.  Day 3 raised 6 white marlin, had a shot at 4, and released 3.  Caught a few dolphin along the way.  Thanks to all the Big Rock guys, we had a ball as usual.  Also, fished one charter this week and caught about 25 dolphin, plus saw a sail and raised a white marlin.  Sunday the 19th, we had a limit of 60 dolphin.  Looks like our normal June fishing is here.  Call today.  I have some days open next week, and had a cancellation on this Saturday and Sunday.

     June 20 - June 26, 2011.  Great week of fishing.  Fished almost every day.  Caught limit of 60 dolphin on Sunday.  Had a great day with Gene Lewis catching about limit of dolphin,  16 blackfin tuna, and capped the day off with a 300 plus lb Blue Marlin.  Hot bite.  She came up on the right teaser, and we switched her to the right short rigger.  Caught in about 25 minutes on the 80 shimano.  Friday caught lots of dolphin and left the blackfins biting.  Super week.

     June 27 - July 3, 2011.   Pretty good fishing this week.  Caught all the dolphin you wanted on Monday and got hame early. One citation dolphin.  3/4 day Yhursday went well with Todd catching about 15 dolphin close to shore.  Saturday beach party with Ty is fun every year.  Sunday, with Mr. Hugh we caught all the dolphin we wanted the first 2 hours, then caught the blackfin tuna good for an hour, then marlin fished the afternoon.  No marlin, but we did catch a few gaffers in the deep.  Got home an hour early with a great group of men.

     July 4 - July 10, 2011   Great fishing all week offshore.  Everyday we caught 20 - 35 dolphin, 5 - 15 blackfin, did catch one wahoo and had a few more bite offs.  Also, saw a sailfish, a white marlin, or a blue marlin about every day.  Caught Rick his first blue marlin on thursday.  Had to cancel Friday and Saturday for the weather.  We will be ready for Sunday.  Please call for charters while the bite is on!

     July 11 - July 17, 2011.   Fishing was good this week.  Fished 4 days on the 61'.  Caught a sailfish 3 of 4 days.  We have seen a billfish 8 straight days.  There have also been marlin caught in the deep.  For those who want to come hunt one, now is an excellent time.  Dolphin fishing has been ok.  Catching 5 - 25 per day, also some wahoo.  The east winds slowed dolphin fishing some, but our normal southwest winds will be in soon.

     July 18 - 24, 2011.   Fished most of the days this week.  Bottom fished one day and the current was strong.  Still caught about 10 grouper, some snapper, nice bass, and lots of sharks.  Trolling was pretty good.  We caught 10 to 24 dolphin each full day, and a few wahoo.  missed some wahoo bites.  Had 2 sails come up but never had a good shot at them.  Also, did a 3/4 day sunday, managed to catch a few dolphin and alberts.

     July 25 31, 2011.   Had 2 61' trips and 4 31' trips this week.  saw  plenty of sailfish, but they were sneaky.  Caught a handful of dolphin each day, some barracuda, plenty of alberts and a few wahoo on the 61'.  On the 31' we caught the grouper great everyday, along with a few dolphin, some trigger fish, bass, and nice snapper.  Constant action and great eating.

     August 1 - 7, 2011.   Plenty of spanish and blues on half day trips.  3/4 day caught a few dolphin and some alberts, along with raising 2 sailfish and seeing a free jumper at the trawler bouy.  jumped 20 times.  Full day offshore Saturday had 4 wahoo,  dolphin, and jumped a sailfish off.  Hopefully the wahoo bite will come early this year.


     August 8 - 14, 2011  3/4 Day with Mr. Chuck.  Caught a few dolphin and alberts.  Saw 4 sails.  Jumped 3 off.  Waxed the grouper and some bass and snapper on the 31' with Sheriff Fraiser.  Later in the week caught the dolphin pretty good offshore.


     August 15 - 21, 2011  Caught a limit of wahoo and 5 dolphin with a Stacy charter Tuesday.  Also, Wednesday got Mr. Boone and company a limit on their wahoo.  Limits of grouper with bass and snapper with Mr. Fishcher on the 31'.  Friday, 30 dophin and 2 wahoo.  Sat with Mr. Dean had 5 nice wahoo and 15 dolphin.


     August 22 - 28, 2011  Tough weather this week.  Cancelled 2 trips on the 61' and one on the 31'.  Fish are still here I know.


     August 29 - Sept 4, 2011.  Great day on the bottom with Mr. Joe.  Some grouper, lots of nice bass, and plenty of sharks.  Fishing offshore slowed down with Mr. Moore, but they will be back once the waters settle.


     Sept 5 - 11, 2011.  Fished three days this week with Mr. Shuman.  Good but fast day on the 31', catching one 400 lb plus sand tiger.  Plus bass and grouper.  Offshore we caught plenty of wahoo and dolphin, and saw 2 sails.  Jumped one off.


     Sept 12 - 18, 2011.  Lots of wind and tough weather.  Cancelled trips and the Atlantic Beach King Tournament was re-scheduled.


     Sept 19 - 25, 2011.  Great days on the 61' this week.  With Mr. Trampas had plenty of dolphin and nice wahoo.  With Mr. Jeremy had lots of wahoo and a few dolphin.  With Mr. Gene we stayed in rain most of the day, but everybody got some wahoo action and a yellowfin.


    Sept 26 - Oct 2, 2011.  Super days offshore with Mrs. Debbie and later in the week with Mr Rudd.  Lots of wahoo action and some dolphin.  A few sails around too. With Debbie had 5 wahoo and 2 20 lb yellowfin in the last hour, thank goodness.  With Rudd, had one 50 lb wahoo at the end of the day.  Had 3 on at one time.  Constant wahoo action all day.


     Oct 3 - 9, 2011.  A few 1/2 days this week with Mr. Tony.  Caught the spanish and bluefish good each day.  All you wanted.  Lots on light tackle.  Also had fun on 3/4 day with plenty of shark action on live bait.  Had to cancel on offshore trip for bad weather.


     Oct 10 - 16, 2011.  Great 3/4 day on the east side with DraKe.  62 lb wahoo in 72 feet of water on 20 lb tackle.  Also, some nice grouper and sea bass.  On half day trip bluefish were the only thing biting.  Tried to catch kings, but they have not showed up yet.  Should be anytime.


     Oct 17 - 23, 2011.  Capt Brad sends Mike to the cockpit mating.  Great day.  225 lb Blue Marlin plus some wahoo.  Also, saw a sail but it went for a planner bait.  Wahoo Brown Bag Tournament on Oct 22.  Saturday,  had 3 wahoo, 3 dolphin, one 35 lb citation size, 3 blackfin tuna.  One of the blackfin was 25 + lbs.  Missed a marlin that hit a planner rod and had some other big bites.


     Oct 24 - 30, 2011.  Rough wheather day on the 31' Monday, but did catch plenty of bottom creatures.  Wednesday had the same great TN group, weather was good, and we caught big grouper, snapper, 30 lb king, 450 lb sand tiger, and a 42 lb wahoo.  Missed one other wahoo that stayed around the boat 5 minutes on a light line bait while we were at anchor.  Hooked it pitching out a double pogie rigged, but I watched the hook go in the back.  Spooled half the reel, and got tail wrapped.  Great day.  Constant action.  I have cancelled this weekends charters for rough weather coming.


     Oct 31 - Nov 13, 2011.  Wow.  A long stretch of rough weather, but finally able to fish on the 12th.  Caught a sailfish, couple of wahoo, blackfin tuna, lots of sharks and some aj, bass, and snapper. Plenty of bait around for the wahoo to eat.  Lets go fishing!


     Nov 14 - 27, 2011.  Bottom action as good as ever.  Piles of grouper, snapper, bass, 200 - 400 lb sand tiger sharks, amberjacks, sharks, and even cobia. Come get in on it!  Also, offshore wahoo action is still good and some blackfin tuna and sailfish.


     Nov 28 - Dec 18, 2011.  Still super bottom action.  Just need low wind days to get to the action.  Still lots of grouper, snapper, bass, sharks, a few jacks, and also pretty good king mackeral fishing at the classic spot, the tanker.  On the 15th with Mike and Chris, all the action you wanted.  Just 2 more weeks til I will retire the 31' for the season. 


     Dec 19 - 25, 2011.  Great bottom days on the 31' 2 days this week.  Missed a 100 - 150 lb wahoo after handfeeding him for 15 minutes while bottomfishing at anchor.  I almost free gaffed him once.  He bit a bluefish and about spooled the reel, after gaining a little line back the leader broke.  Did get 2 nice cobia, a 55 and a 35 pounder, lots of nice grouper and snapper, piles of bass, and some big triggers.  Sharks and more sharks.  Action both days within 5 seconds of hitting the bottom.  Day 2 was with Jodie Gay of Blue Water Candy Lures and Mike Marsh, independent writer.  Super fishing and great time!   Also, first great bluefin bite yesterday, come get in on the big fish action!!


     Dec 26 - 31, 2011.  Thanks to all that fished with Pelagic this year.  We managed to run 83 trips on the 61', I guess I will get close to 30 trips on the 31' ( cancelled as many as I ran due to weather), and fished in Guatemala about 25 days ( down for one and a half months).  Not bad in this economy!  Please call or email anytime to book for 2012, the weekends always book first and I have lots of trips already scheduled. WOW.  Lots of fish on the bottom on 12/29 with Ty, Kelly, and Ron.  Piles of grouper, snapper, sharks, bass, and a big cobia again. Finally went west.  Great fishing and great time! Looking forward to Guatemala again! 



9/22/11 Wahoo bite is HOT!
9/22/11   Wahoo bite is HOT!

Wahoo are still snapping. The day before everyone had limits early.

11/13/11 Sailfish and Wahoo!
11/13/11  Sailfish and Wahoo!

November fishing is still good.  caught a sailfish, wahoos, and blackfin tuna.  Wahoo did not bite as good as they have, but they will next time.  Plenty of bait marks to keep them around.  Also, hit the bottom for a little while and caught lots of sharks, AJ, bass, and a snapper.

10/12/11 Call for Guatemala 2012, 252-904-3361
10/12/11  Call for Guatemala 2012,   252-904-3361

Getting ready for this years Guatemala.  Feb 15 thru end of March.  Call or email even if it is just you.  I have plenty of groups that need singles or doubles. 

10/14/11 Citation Wahoos
10/14/11  Citation Wahoos

Plenty of citations are out there now.  Lets go fishing.  Call anytime!  252-904-3361
10/15/11 62 lb citation Wahoo.
10/15/11  62 lb citation Wahoo.

Great 3/4 day today with Drake, a big wahoo and some grouper and black bass to boot.
10/19/11 Blue Marlin in October!
10/19/11  Blue Marlin in October!

Capt Brad took charge of the 61' and threw Mike in the cockpit.  Great day fishing.  Caught a 200 - 250 Blue Marlin and some wahoo.  Saw a sail finning, but it went down to the planner rod.  No Good. 
10/23/11 Wahoo. Dolphin. Tuna. Missed marlin?
10/23/11  Wahoo. Dolphin. Tuna. Missed marlin?

     Wahoo bite is still good.  Not a crazy bite day, but I am sure the big number days will be back.  Ended up with 3 dolphin, one citation size 35 pounder, 3 wahoo, and 3 tuna.  One was the biggest blackfin I have seen, 25 + pounds.  Also, had a marlin hit the planner which did not hook up good.  Had some other big bites that did not stay glued.  Saw one of the dolphin under a small grass line and put the teaser out, we caught her on a pitch bait.
10/27/11 Groupers and Wahoos in the shallow water
10/27/11  Groupers and Wahoos in the shallow water

     Super day on the 31' "Pelagic Too" yesterday.  Caught the grouper good, snapper good, a 450 lb Sand Tiger shark, some big bass that we released, a 30 + lb king, and a 42 lb wahoo.  Had one other wahoo looking at our light line for 5 minutes while we where at anchor, then I pitched a double pogie rig out and she got more excited, missed the bait and got fowl hooked in the back.  Spooled half the reel, but got tail wrapped.  Looked like a 60 lb wahoo.  Constant action all day!  Monday was rough weather on the 31', but did catch some bottom creachers and got home a little early.  I have cancelled this weekends charters for bad weather coming.  Next week we are due calm seas.  The offshore wahoo bite has been really good the last 2 days.  Limits of wahoo on some boats.

11/27/11 Constant bottom action
11/27/11  Constant bottom action

Catching 75 to 100 fish on all 4 bottom trips this week.  Grouper, snapper, sharks, amberjacks, bass, cobia, 200 to 400 lb sand tigers, triggerfish, ect.

12/21/11 Christmas Time Fishing
12/21/11  Christmas Time Fishing

     On 12/19 and 12/20 great days on the water on the 31'.  Absolute action within 5 seconds of hitting the bottom both days.  12/19 had 2 nice cobia, 55 and 35 pounders, big grouper, lots of snapper and bass, and handfeed a 100 to 150 lb wahoo.  After 15 minutes of feeding him cut piesces of bait while anchored bottom fishing, the wahoo finally hit a live bluefish.  I almost free gaffed the wahoo one time.  It just about spooled my reel, but we got back a 100 yards before the wire leader broke.  Big dissappointment.  12/20 did a trip with Jodie Gay of Bluewater Candy lures and Mike Marsh, an independent writer.  Great fishng for all bottom species, and missed a big cobia right behind the boat. Just a few days left for bottom fishing because of the grouper closure in January, so call if you want in on some last minute action.  Also, first good bluefin bite yesterday.  Call to get in on the action.  Thanks, CM 
12/30/11 New Years Eves Eve Fishing
12/30/11  New Years Eves Eve Fishing

     Incredible day on 12/29 with Ty, Ron, and Kelly.  Finally when west.  Caught piles of nice grouper, snapper, sharks, AJs, bass, and one big cobia.  Great fishing and constant action!