Pelagic Sportfishing Reports

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1/8/12 Guatemala count down.
1/8/12  Guatemala count down.

     1/1/12 - 1/15/12. Just 3 weeks away from waking up to perfect warm weather and big pacific sails chewing on teasers.  Can't wait.  I have 1 to 2 spots left, so please call or email if interested.  I will be in Guatemala from the beginning of February til mid March.  Thanks, Capt Mike
1/21/12 Big Pacific Sails
1/21/12  Big Pacific Sails

     1/16/12 - 1/31/12.  I will be in Guatemala from January 31 til March 14.  I  should be able to get emails on a daily basis.  If you are looking a charter in North Carolina, I will be able to return an email or call you back. I already have many charters for May and June so please contact ASAP to make sure you get the dates needed.  Also, I will be able to update the Pelagic website and facebook page while in Guatemala, so make sure you check in on us.  Thanks, Capt Mike

2/10/12 Guatemala, Todo is bueno
2/10/12  Guatemala, Todo is bueno

Fishing today.  Raised 17, Hooked 12, and caught 9.  Great group, fantantic fishing. 
2/18/12 Guatemala Report
2/18/12  Guatemala Report

     Today raised 11 sails,  had a shot at 6, and released 5.  One was 160lber.  Also had one dolphin. A couple were hot teaser bites that we swithed off 10 foot behind the boat.  Super hott.  Day before yesterday had 2 Blue Marlin up.  One 250 lber tugged on the teaser for a long time, then totally missed a bait leaping after it.  The other was the biggest Marlin I have ever seen here.  She sat under a bait for a minute, then leapped after it and missed by 2 feet.  Only 2/3rds of the fish came out of the water and that looked like 400 to 500 lbs of meat.  Ready for tomorrow.,  Cheers, CM 
2/19/12 Guate
2/19/12 Guate

     Same thing today.  Raised 11 sails, had a good shot at 7, and caught 5.  Plus one 40 lb dorado for supper and another 15 lber to friends.  One marlin got spooked by our baits.  I think she just wanted to cruise under the spread.
2/22/12 Guatemala
2/22/12  Guatemala

Raised 19 sails today, had a shot at 13, and caught 10.  Great day on the 28' Sea Angel.  Only a 16 mile ride in and at the dock at 3:30.
2/25/12 Guatemala
2/25/12  Guatemala

     Great fishng today.  Raised 24 sailfish, had a shot at 13, and caught 11. Great fishing and times. Ready for tomorrow.  Cheers, Capt MIke 
3/1/12 Guatemala
3/1/12  Guatemala

     Great fishing today 25 miles out.  Raised 17, had a shot at 11, and caught 7.  Super day for the first day for Dave and Dale.  In by 4 pm to enjoy the great pool at Costa Verde.  Cheers, CM
3/2/12 Guatemala Blue Marlin
3/2/12 Guatemala Blue Marlin

     Great day today.  Caught a double header of Sails first thing in the morning.  The bite slowed down, so we decided to make a troll thru the pocket area.  Got a big bite on the right teaser.  I said I was 90% sure it was a Blue Marlin.  She showed herself again and we decided it was a 250 lb marlin, so we decided to pitch a ballyhoo on the tld 20 instead of the spanish on the 50.  Sure enough, She ate the pitch bait 25 feet behind the boat.  What a bite.  Great catch for Thurber.  Catch of a lifetime.  Caught the marlin in about 25 minutes.  Great fun with Thurb and Dale on the 28' Sea Angel.  
3/12/12 Great Sailfishing
3/12/12  Great Sailfishing

     This is a photo from back in the beginning of February.  Jose Santos fished with me 1 full day and one half day.  Caught lots of big spanish mackeral, jacks, ect. on the half day.  Fished only 3 miles out the post and caught a few sails.  Fun, fun.
3/12/12 Finished In Guatemala
3/12/12  Finished In Guatemala

     The blue water kept pushing out, so we had to fish from 24 to 40 miles out with the last group of Dale, Mazz, and Mark.  Weather was a little wierd, but we did catch Sailfish good enough.  Actually out caught the fleet of big boats two days.  This does not happen all the time.  Great fishing in Guatemala because all the captains share all their information immediately, working together means more fish for everybody.  Thanks to all that came this year, and I am ready for next year.  CM
3/24/12 A few last pictures from Guatemala
3/24/12  A few last pictures from Guatemala

     I will be pulling the 61' on Monday and should have her back in the water by Friday or Monday.  Not much to do except a few regular maintenance items and some fresh bottom paint.  Here are a few pictures from Guatemala that I just got from Corey.  Thanks
Wahoo, blackfin, yellowfin
Wahoo, blackfin, yellowfin

    The forcasters missed it today.  Seas were angry.  Only got to fish for 2 hours because of sea sicknesses, but had 7 wahoo bites and caught 3.  Also had a really nice blackfin, and a yellowfin.  Pulled off a few fish because of rough seas.  Many over the bow and a few over the stern.  Definitely could have been a big day if we fished all day.  Lots of bait marks and a live ocean in the 73 degree green water on the break.
Make Up Trips
Make Up Trips

     4/11/12.  Looking for make up trip for this Saturday (4/15/12) and this Sunday (4/16/12).  I already have a few people for Sunday, so if you want to fish but are having a hard time getting together a full group, this is your chance.  $300 per person including tip for the mate.  The weather looks great both days and we have been catching wahoo, yellowfin, and blackfin.  Maybe a few dolphin if the warmer water will push inshore.  I am completely open on Saturday, so if you have a whole group give me a call or email.  Thanks, Capt Mike
April 9 - 15 Fishing
April 9 - 15 Fishing

     Ran two half days this week.  We did manage to catch lots of bluefish and a few spanish mackeral.  Fished offshore Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday, we had several wahoo strikes, but only managed to catch 1.  However, we had a great time jigging the amber jacks and caught a few dolphin, blackfin, and alberts.  Sunday, only had three wahoo stikes and a little bad luck.  However, we did catch 12 dolphin and a blackfin.  Several gaffer dolphin.
April 16 - 22, 2012 Limit of wahoo today
April 16 - 22, 2012  Limit of wahoo today

  Limit of wahoo on the Pelagic today.  Great fishing.  Pretty good fishing this week.  Friday caught a sailfish, a dozen dolphin, and some blackfin tuna.  Saturday I ended up in the wrong place off Ocracoke fishing incredible egdes and breaks, but only caught a handful of dolphin.  Saturday, caught a limit of wahoo, plus a few nice dolphin and blackfin tuna.  Call today to book your charter.  I still have a few weekend days left in June.  Cheers, CM 
April 23 - 30, 2012
April 23 - 30, 2012

     Dolphin are starting to show up in the deep.  Had to cancel a trip or two for high winds this week.  Fished Saturday, and the wahoo were not biting well for the entire fleet.  We did manage to catch a handful of dolphin, some small tuna, and had fun bottom fishing for about 30 minutes on the ride in to the inlet.  Sea burial trip on Sunday that was nice.  RIP Mr. Karl.
Make up charter for May 6
Make up charter for May 6

     I have 2 guys that want to fish on the 61' for a full day offshore Sunday May 6.  They want 2 to 4 more guys to help fill the trip and divide expenses.  Please give me a call or email if you are interested.  252-904-3361.
April 30 - May 6, 2012 Great Fishing
April 30 - May 6, 2012  Great Fishing

     Super fishing this week, but even better people.  First trip on the bottom on the 31' Contender.  Piles of grouper, snapper, bass, sharks, ect.  Also, caught a 35 and 55 lb cobia.  Lots of meat.  Saturday had the Reelin' for Research tournament.  My group raised $4,250 for the tournament, the tournament of 40+ boats raised $140,000 for cancer research.  We fished hard to catch big wahoo, but only caught 3.  Ended up the day with 3 blackfin tuna, 3 wahoos, and 14 dolphin.  Incredible group.  Sunday, caught all the dolphin we wanted and a sailfish on the old circle hook in the left flat.  Got back a little early because of the increasing winds.  Thanks to everyone who fished with us this week!

Sailfish and dolphin
Sailfish and dolphin

Sailfish and dolphin
5/9/12 Dolphin crushing
5/9/12 Dolphin crushing

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     Great fishing today.  Caught 400 lbs of dolphiin and blackfin tuna.  Miss a Blue Marlin after marlin fishing the last two hours.  We will get her tomorrow.
May 7-13, 2012 Super Fishing
May 7-13, 2012  Super Fishing

     Busy week, but that is good.  Had to cancel Monday's charter for bad weather.  Tuesday no charter, but did fish the next 5 days on the 61'.  Wednesday and Thursday we caught all the dolphin we wanted along with some wahoo and blackfin tuna.  Marlin fished in the afternoon and did raise one Blue Marlin on the left short rigger, but she just knocked it out of the clip and swam away.  She was not lit up.  Friday and Saturday had to work harder for the dolphin, but did get plenty.  Also a few wahoo and some blackfin.  Southeast wind slowed the bite as the week went on, but plenty of fish around.  Sunday fished a half day and caught plenty of bottom fish just off the beach because the spanish and bluefish were not here.  Should be here anytime. 
5/17/12 Grouper digging is on
5/17/12  Grouper digging is on

     Guys from Canada came again for the crazy grouper action.  They refuse to use my electric reels and crank all day.  Great day.  Great guys. 
May 14 - 20, 2012 Marlin, Dolphin, Wahoo, Blackfin, Grouper
May 14 - 20, 2012  Marlin, Dolphin, Wahoo, Blackfin, Grouper

     We fished everyday this week except Friday.  Cancelled a charter with the local coast guard because of bad weather.  I thought that was funny.  We won the marlin, wahoo, and cobia division in the local toournament this weekend.  Caught a pretty White Marlin with the pitch bait circle hook off the left teaser right after we just boated a few dolphin.  Had a 47 lb stud wahoo.  Super roough weather Saturday, but the fish bit all day.  Also, had a Blue Marlin destroy my left teaser, but she was not fired up to eat anything.  Also, had a Blue Marlin eat one of the blackfin tuna as we were reeling it to the boat.  My Canada guys man handled grouper all day on Wednesday and Thursday on the 31'.  Thanks to all the charters this week and hope to see you all soon.  Cheers,CM
May 21 - 27, 2012 Dolphin in the Shallows
May 21 - 27, 2012  Dolphin in the Shallows

     Really good fishing this week.  We had to reschedule a few trips for bad weather, but the fish were snapping when we went out.  The blue water and the dolphin were in 15 - 20 fathoms.  You could catch 'em well just 25 miles out.  Hopefully they will stay in close.  Also, caught a few wahoos in the shallows.  Saw 2 Blue Marlin Thursday, but could not get either to bite.  Maybe we will change that this upcoming week as we are lucky enough to have every day booked.
May 28 - June 3, 2012 3rd Place in Billfish Tournament
May 28 - June 3, 2012 3rd Place in Billfish Tournament

     Pretty good fishing this week.  Had every day booked, but had to cancel 2 days due to bad weather.  We did catch a Blue Marlin and a White Marlin in the first 2 hours of the second day of the Swansboro Bluewater Tournament.  Good enough for 3rd place.  We decided not to fish the first day due to rough seas.  Incredible Blue Marlin bite on the left short rigger.  Dolphin fishing was great the beginning of the week, but slowed a little towards the end as the SE winds made us shag grass all day.  Also, caught a few wahoo and blackfin tuna.  The one day bottom fishing, we caught lots of grouper, bass, snapper, and 2 nice cobia. Thanks again to all charters this week.
6/5/2012 Dolphins Dolphins
6/5/2012  Dolphins Dolphins

     Wow.  The dolphins bit all day today.  Almost 400 lbs.  We wahoo fished the last hour or so.  Thanks goodness the SE winds shifted to the NE.  Great edges, and no shagging grass.  Also, fogot to mention in last report caught a Blue Marlin on Friday and a 42 lb citation dolphin on Saturday.
June 4 -10, 2012 Marlin, Grouper
June 4 -10, 2012  Marlin, Grouper

     Pretty good week of fishing.  Caught 373 lbs of dolphin Tuesday, constant bites.  Friday waxed the big grouper and black bass, along with some dolphin that came around the boat while anchored.  Saturday, caught a wild White Marlin during the Ladies Big Rock.  Big Rock next week, so please pull for us. 
June 11 - 17, 2012. Big Rock
June 11 - 17, 2012.  Big Rock

     Fish 4 days for marlin.  Jumped off 2 White Marlin, saw a Blue Marlin swim thru and under the spread, and maybe had one more Blue Marlin pull straight down hard on the teaser.  That was our encounters.  Did manage to win the largest dolphin on Friday, mainly because we were one of the 3 dumb boats out on a rough, rough day.  Had great 3/4 day Wednesday catching a handful of dolphin, 3 alberts, and a nice king mackeral.  1/2 day on Thursday with Dennis got lots of spanish mackeral and alberts.  Great week.  Thanks to my regular Big Rock guys.  We will get the big one next year. 
Need 2-3 more people for offshore trip on 61'
Need 2-3 more people for offshore trip on 61'

     Fishing has been great.  Caught 60 and 45 dolphin last 2 days.  Hopefully it will continue.  Need 2-3 more people to join cool group on Monday 6/25/12.  Call or email.  252-904-3361.  Thanks, CM
June 18 - 24, 2012 Dolphin Days
June 18 - 24, 2012  Dolphin Days

     Fished everyday this week.  Dolphin early in the week were in the shallows on the east side, then later in 100 - 150 fathoms.  Some nice gaffers in the deep.  Caught pertty much all we wanted each day.  Some days we had to work a little harder than others to find them.  Hooked a Blue Marlin and 2 White Marlin this week, but only managed to catch one White.  Crushed the grouper and bass in the shallows on Friday.  Thanks to all charters and hope to see you all again soon.
June 25 - July 1, 2012 Billfishing Blitz
June 25 - July 1, 2012  Billfishing Blitz

     Great billfishing this week.  We caught 2 Blue Marlin, 2 White Marlin, and 2 sailfish.  Hooked another Blue Marlin and a White or 2 that pulled off.  Also, had a sailfish jump in a pile of grass to escape.  While switching over a White to a pitch bait, we had a huge grass ball catch on the bait as she was trying to eat.  Crazy.  Not a piece of grass any where else in sight.  Dolphin fishing was up and down.  Had a limit of 60 one day, 15 the next, 45 the next, 25 the next.  Anyway, pretty good.  Also, caught 2 yellowfin tuna.  Glad to see them.  A few wahoo still around also.  Plenty of grouper in the shallows on the 31'.  Also, some pretty bass.  Caught a 450 lb lemon shark.  WOW!  Come go billfishing.  Open this Saturday. 
July 2 -8, 2012
July 2 -8, 2012

     Still some smaller dolphin in the shallows, but gaffers in the deep.  Only had 2 days for full days offshore this week, but did see 1 Blue Marlin, 2 White Marlin and a sailfish.  Ran many half day trips, spanish and bluefish are definitely around the inlet.  Relaxing day off on Saturday behind Shackford Banks until the bitter end.  Had to cancel Sunday for rough seas.
July 9 - 15, 2012 More Billfish and dolphin
July 9 - 15, 2012  More Billfish and dolphin

     Had to cancel a couple of charters beginning of the week for bad weather, but had beautiful trips second half of the week.  Wednesday was an extremely slow fishing day; however we still had a better day than most people in an office.  Wednesday was a great day.  Caught a Blue Marlin and a sailfish, jumped off a sail, and had 3 nice wahoo and a gaffer dolphin.  Super fun.  Thursday had a 48 lb wahoo and 14 dolphin.  Dolphin were in the shallows.  Also, had a 50 lb tuna crash our long rigger bait, but she came unglued.  Thanks everybody.
July 16-21, 2012 Wahoo, Dolphin, Billfish
July 16-21, 2012  Wahoo, Dolphin, Billfish

     Pretty good fishing this week.  Serviced all the boats Monday and Tuesday.  Wednesday with Jason caught 45 dolphin, 3 wahoo, 1 sailfish, 5 blackfin tuna, and jumped off a Blue Marlin.  Great day and group.  Thursday with Shep mainly looking a Blue Marlin.  2 hours in hooked up and caught a 200 lber.  Great day.  Rough, but managed to also catch a few other meat fish and got in early.  Had to cancel Friday and Saturday for high winds.  Sunday caught about 15 dolphin, 3 nice wahoo and searched for a Blue Marlin the last few hours.  Thanks for a super week everybody.
July 23 - 29, 2012 Wahoo Action
July 23 - 29, 2012  Wahoo Action

     Great fishing week.  On Tuesday caught lots of spanish mackeral on half day trip.  Wednesday had a sailfish, 5 wahoo, and blackfin tuna.  Thursday was a slow day, but still caught a handful of fish.  Friday had 5 nice wahoo, 1 citation, along with dolphin and missed 2 sails.  Saturday had both boats running.  Capt Chris caught 6 nice wahoo along with a few other fish.  On the 31' I had a limit of big grouper, 8 dolphin, a king, and several other creatures including a 500 lb sand tiger.  Also, missed a big king.  Thanks
July 30 - August 5, 2012
July 30 - August 5, 2012

     Wahoo are here early like last year.  Wahoo were tough on Thursday.  We had 9 bites before we finally caught one.  Ended up 7 for 19 on wahoo, a dolphin, and 3 blackfin tuna.  Also, jumped off a Blue Marlin and missed a sailfish.  Friday we caught a sailfish and a handfull of dolphin, a wahoo, alberts, barracudas, and blackfin tuna.  Saturday the wahoo did not bite as well, but we did catch all the dolphin you wanted under one float.  Thanks again to everyone for a super week.
August 6 - 12, 2012 Spanish Mackeral are Thick
August 6 - 12, 2012  Spanish Mackeral are Thick

     What a half day week.  Ran 4 half days and one full day offshore.  Caught all the Spanish Mackeral you wanted each day.  Constant action.  One full day offshore was a tough weather day.  We did manage to catch some dolphin and barracuda's.  Only had one wahoo bite, but I have a feeling they will chew next trip.  Picture is one of my favorite of Thurb in Guatemala after catching a Blue Marlin with the pitch bait 20' behind the boat.  Do not forget, Guatemala will be in February and March so please call or email if I can help in any way.  Cheers, CM
August 13 - 19, 2012. Wahoo and Bass
August 13 - 19, 2012.  Wahoo and Bass

     Ran 3 half days this week and caught Spanish well each day.  Also, some nice bass in the shallow water.  Friday on the 31' we caught limits of nice black bass and grouper.  Plus lots of other tasty bottom fish.  Constant action.  Had 3 full days offshore on the 61' and caught from 3 to 6 wahoo each day, lots more bites than wahoo.  Also, a handful of dolphin each day.  A few nice gaffers.  Also, looks like smaller dolphin were in the shallows.  Thanks to all,  Cheers, CM 
August 30, 2012 Open this Saturday and Sunday
August 30, 2012  Open this Saturday and Sunday

     Looking for a full group or make up trip for full day offshore this Saturday and Sunday, Sept 1 and 2, on the 61.  Forecast is great, 10 knots or less.  Wahoo bite has been super (caught our limit last trip), and some bailer dolphin still around.  Just had a cancellation for Sunday.  Great weather day leaves options of jigging on marks also.  The sun is even going to be showing with moderate temperatures.  Please email or call.  or call at 252-904-3361.  Thanks, Capt Mike


August 20 - 26, 2012. Whacking Wahoo
August 20 - 26, 2012.  Whacking Wahoo

     Did three grouper trips on the 31' this week.  Got them every day along with a limit of sea bass a couple of days and some 300 to 350 lb sharks, some amber jack and different snapper.  Constant action.  Half days on the 61' we caught some spanish mackeral along with bass and trout.  Only did one day offshore, but we caugh a limit of wahoo.  Wow. The August bite is on just like it was last year.  Also some bailer dolphin.  Call for a charter this week.  I have plenty of open days.  Thanks to everyone,  Cheers,  CM   
August 27 - Sept 2, 2012
August 27 - Sept 2, 2012

     Ran a few offshore trips on the 61' this week.  Caught from 6 to 10 wahoo each day, plus some dolphin and blackfin tuna.  The smaller dolphin where around each day, but we had enough wahoo that the parties did not want to bail them, they just wanted big wahoo.  Spanish mackeral are still around for half day trips, and bottom fishing on the 31' is always great.  Look like a larger swell in the forecast this week, but not much wind.  Call anytime for a charter, I have plenty of open days.  Also, open this on Saturday and Sunday so book a trip for the wahoo action.  252-904-3361.
Sept 3-9, 2012 Wahoo, Dolphin
Sept 3-9, 2012  Wahoo, Dolphin

     Still great wahoo fishing along with dolphin, blackfin tuna, and a few biilfish caught by the fleet this week.  School starting always slows things down, but the offshore storm that pasted this week left behind large swells.  We have about 20 trips on the books for the rest of the year, but plenty of weekend days still open.  Call today to book a trip.  Also, I have a couple that want to go offshore on the 61' from October 2-5 and want a few more people to split the cost.  Call or email if interested.  252-904-3361.  Thanks, Capt Mike
Sept 10 - 16, 2012 Wahoo, Sails, Blackfins
Sept 10 - 16, 2012  Wahoo, Sails, Blackfins

     Ran 1 trip on the 31' this week.  Caught lots of grouper, got to keep two nice red snapper for a change, some bass, alberts, and sharks.  Lots of small grouper, but managed to get some nice keepers.  Missed two big sharks, 250 to 400 pounders, but the head boat beside us caught one that we missed because the shark had my leader still in its mouth.  Crazy.  On the 61' we are still catching wahoo.  The bite was OK this week.  Managed to catch 3 - 5, but also caught some blackfin tuna, many huge 25-30 lb alberts, lots of barracudas, and 1 sailfish.  Missed another sail.  The weather is cooling down, but the bite will be heating up.  Lets go fishing.  252-904-3361.
Sept 17 - 23, 2012
Sept 17 - 23, 2012

     Ran a few charters this week.  The Spanish mackeral are biting good just off the beach.  Caught all we wanted.  Also, nice trip on the 31' Friday.  Caught the limit of grouper, plus a 300+ lb sand tiger, AJ, sharks, snapper, lots of bass, and other bottom creatures.  Constant action.  Give a call.  Plenty of days open next week, and half the days open in October.  Cheers, Capt Mike
Sept 24 - 30, 2012 Wahoos and Big Blackfin Tunas
Sept 24 - 30, 2012  Wahoos and Big Blackfin Tunas

     Great fishing this week.  Only one full day offshore with great regular customers.  416 lbs of meat.  Caught 10 wahoos, 11 nice blackfin tuna, 2 dolphin, and jumped off a Blue Marlin.  Constant action and plenty of wahoo bites in the short riggers.  Awesome!  Skying!  Looking for a 2-4 more people for a make up trip offshore this coming Wednesday on the 61'.  Call if interested. Thanks,  Capt Mike  252-222-4659.
October 1-7, 2012 Grouper, Kings, Wahoo, Tuna, Big AJ
October 1-7, 2012  Grouper, Kings, Wahoo, Tuna, Big AJ

    Fished 4 days this week.  2 on the 31' and 2 on the 61.  Weather made me cancel Monday.  The grouper are biting great along with kings in the shallows.  Also, caught lots of sharks, bass, small cobia, and a few big 250 - 450 lb sand tigers.  On the 61', both days we caught about 3-5 wahoo, lots of blackfin tuna one day, 4-15 dolphin each day, and some 50+ lb Amber jacks on the jig in 85 fathoms. Thanks to all for a great week.  
October 8 - 14, 2012
October 8 - 14, 2012

     Lots of fishing this week.  Had a couple of trips on the 31'.  The grouper have definitely move in to the shallows.  Constant action with grouper, cobia, sharks, bass, AJ's, king mackeral, big spanish, and a few big sand tigers.  3/4 day inshore on the 61',we ended up with many spanish and bluefish, along with some trout, flounder, and mullet.  Offshore on the 61' on Wednesday was a little bit of an off day.  However, we did manage to hang on to 1 of 5 wahoo bites, and had about 10-12 big blackfin tuna.  The wahoo bite was on the following day.  I promised to put a picture with the ugly guy in the middle on my website.  Thanks Andrew.  Thanks to all.  Cheers, Capt Mike 
October 15-21, 2012
October 15-21, 2012

     Had a great day on the bottom with Tony and Lisha on Monday on the 31'.  Constant bites with grouper, sharks, AJ's, bass, ect.  The offshore bite has pretty good overall, but I did have a slow day Saturday.  Missed a few bites and did end up with wahoo, dolphin, and grouper.  Just needed more.  Super busy next week on the 31', hopefully get hunt some red grouper at least one day.   
October 22-28, 2012 Grouper and Big Sharks
October 22-28, 2012  Grouper and Big Sharks

     Great week of fishing on the 31' this week.  TN guys waxed the grouper along with sharks, AJs, sharks, ect.  Great fishing to the west one day.  Canada guys also waxed the fish.  Caught 106 fish, maybe did not count a few dozen, but who cares.  Lots of grouper, sharks, AJs chewing right beside the boat all jacked up, and ended the day losing a big shark, but afterwards caught a 325 lb sand tiger.  45 minutes of pain and fun.  Thanks,  Cheers,    CM

October 29 - November 4 Grouper and Big Red Snapper
October 29 - November 4  Grouper and Big Red Snapper

     The rough weather from Sandy made us cancel the charters the beginning of the week.  Did get in 2 grouper trips.  The fishing was not as good as normal after the storm, but we still had great days.  Caught the gags pretty good, also had a handful of Red Snapper, 2 were 30 pounders.  The big bass and sharks are still here in numbers and some king mackeral.
November 5-12, 2012 Tuna, Dolphin, Wahoo
November 5-12, 2012  Tuna, Dolphin, Wahoo

     Pretty good fishing this week.  Offshore trip with Psycho Plumbing gave us 3/4 box full of fish.  We ended up with 6 wahoo (3 just under citation size), lots of blackfin tuna, and a couple of gaffer dolphin. Missed plenty of wahoo bites, but that is what wahoo do.  Over 300 lbs of meat.  Great sushi.  One wahoo sliced a 15 lb albert in half as we were reeling it in.  Awesome.  Fishing will continue to be good right on in to the middle of December, so call for an offshore trip on the 61' or bottom trip on the 31'!  
Nov 12 - 18, 2012 Fishing Report
Nov 12 - 18, 2012  Fishing Report

     The report is I have no report.  Weather here has been so rough.  Just can not get a window to fish a day or two.  However, the trout have been biting great right on the beach.  I have worked hard this week on Guatemala plans, so please call or email if you have any interest.  I have plenty of spots even if you just have you or you and a friend. 
Nov 19-25, 2012 Wind and Swell
Nov 19-25, 2012  Wind and Swell

     What a week.  At least we have had the sun out a little Saturday and Sunday.  The weather made me cancel all 3 charters this week.  Lots of wind, and 5-8 foot swell near shore.  Looks like we will get a break and some normal nice weather this coming week.  Still working on Guatemala for this season.  I do have a few spots left.  Call or email if interested.  Thanks,  CM
Nov 26 - Dec 2, 2012 Grouper, Silver Snapper, Cobia,
Nov 26 - Dec 2, 2012  Grouper, Silver Snapper, Cobia,

     Only one trip this week.  Did have a few pretty days.  Caught some quality grouper, silver snapper, one cobia, lots of bass and beeliners, sharks, a 200 lb ray, and 75lb sand tiger, plus plenty of other bottom dwellers.  Constant action. Sorry for posting a picture of me, but I never take many!!  Cold water is pushing in and forcing me to fish to the southwest.  Lets hope the Bluefin make it our way this year.  We are due.  Send me an email or call if you want to be on the list for me to get in touch with you if the Bluefin bite turns on here.  Thanks, CM
Dec 3-9, 2012 Guatemala Preparation
Dec 3-9, 2012  Guatemala Preparation

     Still getting things ready for Guatemala.  Call if interested!  I only fished 1 of 3 charters this week.  The cold water is pushing in on the grouper bottoms faster than normal.  We caught lots of silver snapper, bass, sharks, few grouper, and plenty of other sea creatures.  Happy holidays.  Cheers, Capt Mike
Dec 10-16, 2012
Dec 10-16, 2012

     No fishing this week.  I had to cancel some charters on the 31' due to a combination of weather and cold water in the grouper grounds.  I am still organizing Guatemala for this season, and have also been working on the finishing touches of my new house after the fire last year.  Please email or call if interested in Guatemala, I still have a spot for 1 or 2 people, and could still go down a week early if a whole group wanted to come. This weeks picture is one of my favorites, there was no editiing.  Just got the picture at the perfect time to see the electric colors.  Cheers, CM 
Dec 17-30, 2012 Guatemala Looking Good
Dec 17-30, 2012  Guatemala Looking Good

          Looks like Guatemala came together well.  Thanks to everybody coming this year. I will be there just under a month and a half.  Looking forward to great climate, fishing, and times.  Also, thanks to all the charters this year. The 61' Pelagic, Kevin and I, did run our 100th charter on the 61' the other day.  Fantastic in these economic times.  I also had super charters on the 31', Pelagic Too.  Finally, Guatemala will put me over the top for an unreal season.  The picture is the snow last year in Atlantic Beach.  My daughter and I had a ball!!  Thanks again, Capt Mike